red cells

Are you tired  now ?

Your pessimism is the only thing that can broke a leg. So, do you understand what i mean?
Sometimes you do not need explanation about everything. Just relax, stop thinking!
I mean, just realize about all your ideas in your head. I'm in the realization of window. See the reality, do real activity.
Red, I'm red, I'm really red, come on my way
Red. All things are red. Wanna become red ?
Don't worry, i  want to make the red formulas
I'll cook in the kitchen, then be ready to turn red
Red, red, red.  I was red in your head. The previous past will come back.
Through feeling of love that hide so many reaction.
Red, red,red
It's time to become one in the soul of diversity, come tome, dance with me, unite in red.

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