four polar bears late at night trust in reverse

 March, 25th, 2011

It was a glorious day, we sat in the secret garden, enjoying the calm evening. We played  a really magic game. At the same time, i wrote the question, he wrote an answer. I didn't know what he wrote, he didn't know what i wrote. After we finished, we read it all out loud to each other. It was one of the most powerful thing I have ever experienced in my life. So, here's the result :

Part I


1. Have you everbeen to outer space ?
2. If you had to choose your favorite people for an everlasting meal in the clouds who would you choose?
3. Invisibility or flying, which is better?
4.What is the most useless word you know?
5.What's your favorite food?


1. Garden's heaven
2. I have to make decision
3. sure
4. whereever i'll go
5. no one

Part II


1. Do you think pet sound is music ?
2. have you everbeen to palace?
3. Why are you angry ?
4. Can you tell me your favorite day of the week?
5. Do you like black music?


1. 4
2. Polar bears
3. Late at night
4. Trust
5. in reverse

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