reincarnation letter from south america

Come, come to me. I'm in white palace. I have many things, i can do anything. The roads are open, don't take too serious in every condition. Come, come to me, i'm a joker. You can not shut me up to laugh, you can not make me down, i shout. Just back on the track. So don't take seriously baby. It makes you crazy. I leave the contract, i leave all the things, they cut my memory which leave me in nice place. I want to get back. Please help me, I want to get back.
Do you know me ? I'm good girl who has good energy. I know you're too. So i think we have the same energy. I know something good will happen to you. Don't worry, you know what i mean, right?
the first thing to do is you have to make stone and put in one of the place on the west side. And after that, you're just pray for me that i can come back in my country. And believe me, someday you'll come to my village. It's beautiful village ,colourful with so many flowers. You can feel my energy there. Someday, you'll enter my house. It's white. It's vintage. Sure, you'll like it. The view from the window is beautiful, you can see the best scenery from my backyard. You'll meditate there. Feeling me, feeling me..
And at times, i know i come back in my lovely village. croc+ida ,oh christ , south america,south america,south america.


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