On & On

Somebody hold my hand, i could not fake any risk for the shadow. It would be some crazy things that make me down. Hello. do you hear me? or you do not hear anything? or you don't want to hear anything. The Music plays on, i set up the memory in break frequency. I shall be nervous, my time's nervous. All of the sign handle my lucky right. Can you believe that?
Drive me, drive me, I do not want to know anything. Drive me, drive me , when you come to my crack my hand become leg. I will come to your heart, then i'll show you a world. You know, a world that make us so crap, oh maybe we're crap, crap, crap, crap.
I remember, be remember, why don't you come to my memory? Is it you? is it really you? is it really you? you make me so lonely. My phone's off, my heart's off. My Messages is crap. My crap was a message. It supposed crack my door. How did you know that?
I can't lie, I can't lie, I can't lie, Find out!
Find out, can you find me?
I'm in sorrow, then you can ask glory, you just knock and said oh sorry.
Come baby come, I said Nowhere, you said i can take you there.

Decide, something that i would not to show around the memory,please comeback. I don't want to push you  - anymore.

Insect wrack! those eyes shot my home
My home become two
like two hearts, then break                                 away
I can not believe anything
I can't believe anything anymore
So please, please
go, go,go, go
I just wanna go
Feeling empty is insects
Feeling empty is a message

search her heart at 00.24 pm

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