Heaven Park

The green grass, give me smile in the afternoon life, I will take my medicine first. Then I will lay down on the green grass, see the blue sky that make my  eyes so bright. In the ordinary life, sometimes I see many hopes flying in the sky. I can’t catch up. Oh then I realize, I’m not god.
I don’t have best way to give the result of human’s hope. Really supposed I can’t hold on, oh im’in the heaven park. Fruits and colourful vegetable talks about the rules in the park. Ah my heavy head, I feel it’s not good condition when I’m in big rules, like in this park. So, can I live here?
All the number flying in the sky, I can’t cath up. My mind’s out, so noisy busy , then I  scream out loud. Ah park, bring me to the high sky, then I will take my favourite number. Could you?
Ah, it would be interesting, if I can dream like I can scream.

Thanks universe 

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