This is story about the night, I feel that my subconscious was leap on my head. Is it okay ?
I don’t know. So , I open my window, speaks to you, universe. Remembering about pain that makes me so low, don’t feel the pain, don’t feel the pain, I scream out loud. No one hear me, I heard my self.
Then I feel like all of mouse in my house saw all I’ve done. Oh, God?
I speaks to you, with the left brain step up to the night, please hold me, I can’t get out of my mind. Some people feel that it’s crazy. Someday, I want to take the days as my own. Can get one?
The day goes by, I will do , I will do. Something that makes me feel so low, so lost. Night, I’m whispering something that makes me “don’t know”. My mom , take my lamp off, so i bring all my dream to the night, to the dark. I will follow you.
12.17 am

 Oh it’s morning, I want take my hands to the world upside and down. Nothing that I can say is wrong or right. I just want to live in my special moment conscious, then break it. Till’ I can laugh super duper rocks. Ah, please, if I can keep all my secret that fix my life up. I think, I don’t have to right decide something that don’t really no so bad. Be nice harmfull of the day, which I want to say, love , I will give it to the morning , it’s love wishing.

So, I don’t want to give you everything, it seem to be the morning do some works in the universe and listen, it’s live, its speaks, loudly, loudly, ahhhhhh imagine?

12.27 AM

Holding your picture in the morning , I’m wishing to the universe : “hi, I feel there’s something trouble in head, the wrong system in my mind, ah, am I okay ?”

Then, I can’ get the answer. Flying in small square with the bustle mind. I will take the risk , my left brain said that I had big roll to love unordinary speaks to another ,Ha? Oh brain, how am i?
12.41 AM

Hello little girl, came on please open your window. It’s dark outside, crack inside. Don’t think that the words “help” Is difficult to find. Ah, I see, I will go the dark, then I light my life with tears that I get from “help”. Hahahaha, it’s like you do the wrong demanding of your head, c’mon little girl, you have to realize the moment.

So, how about life ? is it okay if I go to the another choice? I mean to the sharp of lonely . See? don’t you thing that you can get out your self? Ah , then I just want to say, I will light the night, with all of trying dumb fucking luck. Ah it’s funny, don’t you think, hunny?
01.03 AM

What happen to me ? can you see? My software brain give another effect to walks another choice . Please, i need rest, realize my worry hurry mind . So give me time, to manage all of surprising moments and I realize to be something. Now, I know, universe hold my life with all the effect, sssssst, I will meditate. It’s time to close my window, holding my dreaming in me. So, trouble, thanks for wondering me surprising realize time in the wishing morning. I’m speaking to you ……universe :)
01.13 AM

August, 15th, 2010 

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