Diary number D2010 from uncle bowl

I personally like having you, a diary because of the fact that I could write anything I want and record what I do each time I write.I like write diary . when I have something sad,I write it down like a small poem,it let me feel better.When I have something happy , I also write it down , particular !

No matter pain or not,I will try to record.It lets me know I ever walked in these painful days,laughed with tears,been crazy with my friends,felt the happiness with my lover.So much emotional moments which turned into my history have been recorded into my diary.Let me imagine now,10 years,30 years gone by.When I was old,open all my diary,the mood before,the words before my eyes standed for all past days.Luckily I have recorded them rather than letting them go by.This is also the power of diary.Just like the music,is recording our mood and will become the unforgetable once forever.
Diary ,records my entire life. Dear Dear Unclebowl, Thanks for give me this diary. pukpukhug.sabbe satta bhavantu sukhitatta :)

Loves, me.

PS : My diary's name is DELIRIUM D2010 .You could call it del or Li or ri or um for short.

i got serial number (D2010) at the back of diary.

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